Corporate Governance Statement

The Board of Global Petroleum Limited (‘Global Petroleum’, or ‘Company’) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.

Corporate governance in essence is about adopting and maintaining a set of values that underpin the Company’s everyday activities – values that ensure fair dealing, transparency of actions, and protect the interests of all stakeholders. The Board considers corporate governance forms part of a broader framework of corporate responsibility and regulatory oversight.

The Company maintains detailed corporate governance policies and has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Governance Code – 2018 (‘QCA Code’). Global Petroleum aims to comply with the QCA Code to the maximum extent practicable, considering the Company’s resources, stage of development and current priorities. Set out below are the 10 guiding principles of the QCA Code, the application of these principles as described in the QCA code, and an overview showing how the Company meets those principles as well as identifying where the Company does not currently comply, and why. 

In pursuing its commitment to best practice governance standards, the Board will continue to:

  • review and improve its governance practices; and
  • monitor global developments in best practice corporate governance.

The Board’s approach has been to be guided by the principles and practices that are in our stakeholders’ best interests while ensuring full compliance with legal requirements.

This statement was reviewed on 25 April 2024 and will continue to be reviewed annually.

Global Petroleum Limited – Board Charter

This Board Charter sets out the role, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Global Petroleum Limited, as  most recently agreed by the Board on 19 October 2021. It is adopted with a view to assisting Directors to understand their role, and the expectations placed on them when accepting or continuing in the role of Director of Global Petroleum Limited.

Global Petroleum Limited – Constitution

The Constitution provides for requirements relating to, among other things, shares in the Company, meeting procedures and the appointment and powers of Directors.

Global Petroleum Limited – Continuous Disclosure Policy

Global Petroleum Limited is a company listed on AIM and, as such is subject to, amongst other things the rules relating to continuous disclosure under the AIM Listing Rules. In this respect, in the interests of investor confidence, the AIM Listing Rules require listed companies to disclose to the market information which a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price or value of the Company’s securities. This policy aims to ensure that Global Petroleum complies with this obligation.

Global Petroleum Limited – Securities Trading Policy

The Securities Trading Policy addresses the requirements of the AIM Listing Rules which require Global Petroleum to provide a framework to key management personnel and employees when dealing in securities of the Company. This Policy was approved and adopted by the board on 23 April 2013, and most recently updated on 19 October 2021.

*Date last reviewed – 25 April 2024